Monday, March 10, 2014

Wydin's Shop

In Port Sarim, not only is there a fishing shop in which you can purchase feathers, but a food shop in which you can buy chocolate, cheese, and flour. While these items do not stack, you can carry an inventory load for an extra 4k or so every time you buy feathers.

Friday, March 7, 2014

NPC store update

I'm not sure when, but Jagex released an update recently. Now instead of competing with other players for a NPC store's stock, the restock process is individual. This means that instead of regenerating on a world-by-world basis, the store restocks on an individual player basis. So this eliminates world hopping, but also eliminates competing with other players for a store's stock. This caused a temporary spike in feather prices in February, which has settled down but still remains above what it was previously. Feathers currently go for 31 each on the GE, and you can buy them for 6 each at Hank's fishing store in Lumbridge. It's certainly worth visiting Lumbridge every now and then to pick up the full load of 1000 feathers and resell for a profit of 25K. The speed at which you can make money with this has settled down, but it's a nice boost now and then. Also if you're operating multiple accounts, you won't be competing with yourself. Currently the update leaves more demand then supply, so it's a nice situation for merchants.

With this update, buying some runes can also give you a profit. Air, fire, and water runes all can be bought from rune shops and sold or profit on the GE. I bought all these runes for 15,130 gp and resold for 33,600 gp. Not too bad.

Keep checking back for tips and tricks!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Easy money?

Currently the fishing shop in Lumbridge sells feathers for 6 gp each, and there is a regen limit of 1000 on these. Feathers currently sell for 24 ea on the GE, making this a profitable investment. There are a lot of people who are world hopping to get them though, so after an update would be the best time to hit these up, or you can try world hopping yourself. Up to 18K a world hop isn't too bad, but I've just been buying whatever stock the store has when I'm in Lumbridge. It's still a lot of effort for a small amount of money, but the profit margin is ridiculous.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Runescape Bonds

A quick update here, Runescape has released an item called "Bonds". These are originally bought with real money from Jagex, and then can be sold in-game. They cost $5 each, and the market price is around 11m, although the actual going price is (at time of posting) 6.4m.
This update creates a real currency/RS gold trade system of sorts that is legal. I have no interest in paying real money for bonds. Persons who want to buy RS gold; however, can now buy an item with real money which they can sell for RS gold. If we go with $5 for a bond, and 6.4m for a bond, that creates a relation of $0.78 per mil. This will fluctuate as the going price for a bond fluctuates.
I expect that without price fixing, the price for a bond will go down further from 6.4m. This is because in the next few days, everyone who wants one will have bought a bond and redeemed it for 14 days of membership. The demand will likely go down in a few days, but could rebound. Retrading is difficult because there is a 10% surcharge to be able to resell the bond, and this is calculated from the GE price, not the going price.

This is an interesting update, and will certainly have implications on merching. For instance, items commonly used by members will likely have a price increase as more members will be added into the system. This includes logs, which are used for planks. I have to put some thought into the implications of the new update, and the best ways to make gp with it.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A long time between posts

So I haven't been updating, mostly because I haven't been doing anything big with the merching.
I took 15 mil out of my merch account at one point, so right now here's an update of my bank:
I've also been doing some woodcutting, to be fair. The log market is very volatile but in recent days has exploded.
Notice the daily price far exceeds the average price and has for a few days. I take this as a sign that the market will level off at some point, and if supply reaches the point where demand is met, it may even begin to fall. If someone is holding on to a large reserve of logs, they may be waiting for the right time to sell. I had 160K logs on another account that I sold at 220 each after buying for 160 each. Obviously, I could have made a lot more money if I had held out. At this point, I am not buying any logs however, and the logs I cut I sell. Once the market levels off, I'll make a decision of how to merch logs again.

If the daily price maintains a close value to the average, I'll buy low/sell high since I'll trust the market to be fairly stable. If the market takes a large dip when I have a large volume of logs, I'm not too worried. I'll wait for the next peak. If the market "crashes" and dips below 160-170, I'll buy a large quantity and sit on them awhile anyways.

So what's my investing tips today? Look at gold bars.
These are on a fast, free fall and the daily price remains below the 180 day average.
You could try buying these a little below market price and selling at market price, or you could try to accumulate a large quantity and wait. The market shows no signs of leveling off yet though, so be careful. You may have to wait a while to see return on your investment, and gold bars don't sell fast. The trade volume is low. If you don't mind your money being tied up, however, you may find a nice tidy profit in a couple of weeks.

Do you like my advice? Disagree? Have any questions?
Leave a comment!


Friday, May 13, 2011

1 mil

Here is my bank account, 999k...
not too bad for this account being created less than a week ago.
So are you ready to be... A million-gp-aire?

Buy low, sell high.

The simplest way of making money, buy low, and sell high. You have to exploit the laws of supply and demand. With my main account, I often put a buy offer on the grand exchange for yew logs at around 5 gp lower than the market price. Once I have bought a large sum (10,000+) I will sell them for the market price. This strategy is for making trades within a relatively short period. The gains are small, but by making many of these trades, they add up. I will often have a buy and sell offer up at the same time. This way I am feeding the buyers who are willing to pay more while at the same time making other sellers wait. And they often will put their sell offer lower in order to expedite the selling process.